Services & Team

"Peterson brings deep care and competence to his work. His production skills have given our podcast an undeniably professional polish and his consistent, supportive feedback have been invaluable in making me a far more thoughtful host than I could have been otherwise." Ben Yosua-Davis, Director of Applied Research at The BTS Center and co-host of Climate Changed Podcast

We offer an array of services for every aspect of your project

Do you want to create a new podcast or short audio project? Do you have an existing podcast or radio show you want to revamp or spice up? Are you looking for friendly, informed, on-going support during the production process? Do you or your staff need consultation, feedback, or training? 

We have everything you need to carefully craft original podcasts and short audio projects. We take audio quality very seriously. More than that though we work with you to identify and capture the unique tone and spirit that will make your project stand out. 


Meet the Team

Jacob Rodriguez

Digital Marketing leader with over 8 years of experience in SEO/SEM, Google Ads, lead generation, marketing automation, social media, and content management.


Candace Chellew

Audio engineer and editor